by arrangement with David Spicer Productions Pty Ltd

written by Jonathan Biggins

directed by Joan Moriarty

17 FEB - 4 MAR 2017

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8:00 pm

Sundays and final Saturday at 2:00 pm

About the play

Australia Day celebrations are an important event in the small country town of Coriole. The organising committee of six members discuss, argue and fight over what will be on the program. The big day finally arrives, and with it, hilarity and disaster in equal measures. The portaloos overflow, the sausages are past their use-by date and the heavens open.

Come along and enjoy these crazy characters and the mayhem they create.


Character Actor
BRIAN HARRIGAN - Mayor of Coriole Shire Jim Thomson
ROBERT WILSON - Deputy Mayor Nick Freedman
MAREE BUCKNELL - CWA Presidnet Katie Hall
WALLY STEWART - Local Builder/Developer Darren Gregor
HELEN MCINNES - Local Greens Councillor Maree Barnett
CHESTER LEE - Primary School Teacher Ju-Han Soon


Director Joan Moriarty
Production Co-ordinator Jim Thomson
Stage Manager Melanie Belcher & Margaret Hassall
Lighting Designer Michael Rowe
Sound Designer Rob Wanless
Wardrobe Maureen McInerney
Set Construction Owen Evans (head), Paddy Moriarty, Des Harris, Neville Wilkie, Norm Munks, Brett Hunt and HTC members
Scenic Decor Marie Mackrell, Mal Cother
Lighting Operators Tamsin Mackie, John Rowe
Sound Operators Rhys Purdey, Rob Wanless
Rehearsal Prompt Bobbie Parish
Photography Dave Belton


Australia Day

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