by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia

written by Arthur Miller

directed by Chris McLean

7 JUL - 22 JUL 2017

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8:00 pm

Sundays and final Saturday at 2:00 pm

About the play

All My Sons explores the repercussions on a close-knit household after personal gain is put ahead of social duty. Some years back Joe Keller chose the prosperity of his family over the well-being of others. Now we join the family on the day of reckoning.

This is Arthur Miller at his finest. Winner of the Drama Critics Award for Best New Play in 1947, All My Sons established the playwright as a leading voice in 20th century theatre.

NOTE: This play includes events that some audience members may find confronting. For further details you can enquire at

CAST details:

Character Actor
Joe Keller George Werther
Kate Keller Julie Arnold
Chris Keller Liam Gillespie
Ann Deever Claire Abagia
George Deever Xavier Ryan
Jim Bayliss Gavin Baker
Sue Bayliss Sallyanne Mitchell
Lydia Lubey Kate Manicom
Frank Lubey Tim Camilleri
Bert Francesco Basile


Director Chris McLean
Production Co-ordinator Margaret Hassall
Stage Manager Melanie Belcher
Lighting Designer Deryk Hartwick
Set Design Chris McLean & Marie Mackrell
Sound Design Rob Wanless
Wardrobe Wendy Drowley
Properties Bronwyn Parker
Set Construction Owen Evans (head)
Set Artists Marie Mackrell & Mel Cother
Rehearsal Prompt Bobbie Parish


All My Sons
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