by arrangement with Cameron Cresswell Agency

written by David Williamson

directed by Gavin Williams

8 SEP - 23 SEP 2017

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8:00 pm

Sundays and final Saturday at 2:00 pm

About the play

The Club is set in the 70's when amateur-based footy was turning professional, coaches were no longer ex-players from the teams they played in and businessmen took over the running of the clubs. Written in 1977, The Club presciently depicts the big issues still facing football teams today: money rather than team spirit governing club management, coaches summarily sacked, administrators controlling decisions, players bought for outrageous sums, and bitter disputes played out in the media.

The Club shows Williamson at his best; writing about Australian men engaged in macho competitive battles. The play is big, broad and full of humour... even if you know nothing about footy.


Character Actor
Gerri Jennifer Mettner
Ted Darren Gregor
Laurie Andy Fry
Danny Andrew Rance
Jock Bob Tyers
Geoff Ahbi Parasher


Director Gavin Williams
Production Co-ordinator Joan Moriarty
Stage Manager Melanie Belcher
Set Designer Owen Evans
Set Construction Owen Evans (head)
Rehearsal Prompt Bobbie Parish


The Club
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